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Witness Interview Transcription Services


Witness Interview Transcription Services

In an investigation, witness interviews are very important. During the course of trial, witness interviews are essential to acquit or indict an accused person. If the witness turns hostile during the trial, significance of witness interviews increases. Therefore, witness interview transcriptions must be accurate; any variation from the input file can change the course of the trial. Transcription Services offers quality witness interview transcription services.

Transcription Services understands the importance of accuracy in witness interview transcriptions, and to ensure accuracy we have employed highly qualified and experienced transcribers who are trained to understand various accents and legal jargons. Our witness interview transcription services unit has a very effective and stringent quality control process and to conduct quality checks, we have very alert proofreaders and editors. Our quality checking starts from preliminary level right till the end of transcriptions.

Skilled ace transcribers of our witness interview transcription services unit complete your transcriptions well within the stipulated time. Our turnaround time for witness interview transcriptions is one of the quickest in the industry. Our witness interview transcription services are well equipped with good infrastructure and most modern technology to carryout complex and large witness interview transcriptions.

We have put in place a very effective mechanism to protect your data from falling into wrong hands. Every member in our organization adheres to the stringent norms and these measures have helped us in maintaining client data confidentiality. Our witness interview transcription services have well trained customer support centre to answer your queries and they are capable of answering all technical queries relating to witness interview transcription services.

Some of the advantages of our witness interview transcription services are:

  • Very fast and accurate witness interview transcription services
  • Lowest cost of witness transcription services
  • Customized turnaround time
  • Stringent and successful quality control process
  • Facility to track data
  • Totally secure and confidential witness interview transcription services
  • Transfer of data through FTP