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Video Transcription Services

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Transcription Services is a specialized transcription company, offers video transcription services at very economical rates. We provide ready-to-publish transcripts of the video files while maintaining the standards of the files, which also includes captioning, subtitling along with the time coding and full continuity services.

We have transcribed thousand of videos including YouTube Links, digital mp4 files, VHS tapes, DVDs, videotapes, video streaming, internet videos, flash videos etc.
Video Transcription Services:
Transcribe Video Files into Text

We are very well-known for video transcription and provide transcription services for,

  • Podcasts / Webcasts
  • Documentary & Short Films
  • Tutorial Videos
  • Interviews (Skype & Television)
  • Academic Videos
  • Television Series, TV Talks
  • Commercial Videos
  • Corporate Training Videos
  • Events, Public Speeches
  • Seminars, Conferences
  • All Kinds Of Video Files That Need Be Transcribed

File Formats We Accept for Transcription:

We can work with all sorts of video file formats, including .mov, .wmv, .avi, and .flv files. We can also transcribe YouTube videos and similar embedded, linked, or streaming videos.
How Video Transcriptions are Useful?

  • Video captions for getting SEO advantages
  • Interviews held over video conferences
  • Graduation speeches or introductions
  • Submit videos with transcripts to the press
  • Unforgettable moments - public speeches, reunions.

With Transcription Services , you can guarantee to receive video transcription services of unmatched quality, as a streamlined process is followed by our team to maintain quality and accuracy at every step. We make use of the latest tools to carry out the transcription work easily. Further, our expertise enables us in meeting all transcription needs and requirements of different clients.