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Verbatim Transcription Services

Verbatim transcription services include the transcription of minute details irrespective for medical, financial, legal, or any other transcriptions. Most of the medical files need verbatim transcription, and we do deliver an excellent verbatim transcription services. The verbatim transcription services of Transcription Services India include a team of professionals who are well capable of doing and delivering accurate verbatim transcription services. The well built editorial process of the transcription services are our main aspect.

The verbatim transcription services of Transcription Services India mainly involve transcription services for appeals, evidences, interviews, seminars, training sessions, speeches, TV or Radio interviews, telephonic interviews and many more. Verbatim transcription services even includes the transcription of everything including the remarks such as uh, um, etc. Verbatim transcription services, unlike other transcription services, have a unique advantage such that the actual wordings of a person or speakers expressions such as anger, surprise etc are captured and are transcribed.

The features of verbatim transcription services of Transcription Services India

Verbatim transcriptionists of Transcription Services India will double-check the edited transcribed files, delivering 100% accuracy. The files, which we receive, that are either audio tapes or digital dictations, are transcribed and you can retrieve your documents online depending on our secure server.

We use the latest verbatim transcription technologies for quality output, and our reputation is quality verbatim transcription services. The most elementary form umms and aahs are even transcribed with captioning/subtitling.

Outsource verbatim transcription services to us:

The compelling aspect of our outsource verbatim transcription services is the accuracy of the transcribed files, which is unparalleled within the industry. The files once transcribed are sent to you according to your choice. The standardized work procedure and the facilities of our verbatim transcription services are the other main aspects.

Outsource verbatim transcription services to Transcription Services India, as we offer high quality and quickly transcribed files of verbatim, which includes both digital as well as non digital files. We maintain the confidentially of your files, and you can completely rely on us for the security of your files.