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Podcast Transcription Services

Podcast Transcription Services

Podcast transcription can simply be defined as the transcription of non streamed webcast. A podcast is nothing but the digital media files that are downloaded sequentially through the process known as web syndication.

Transcription Services India provides accurate & optimized podcast transcription, which helps to increase the visibility & organic traffic of your podcast because all the spoken words are embedded in the text. It also offers your listeners a choice for reviewing what was said during the webcast.

We have specialized team of transcriptionists ensure you receive accurate & well-formatted transcripts of podcasts since they have substantial experience and are trained on the nuances of transcription service.

Advantages of Podcast Transcription:

Improve your Search Engine Ranking, Increase Organic Traffic: Search engines cannot read audio files. So, by transcribing your podcast to text and publishing it on your website, you can boost your search engine ranking and thus increase your organic traffic and subscriber as well.

Generate Income from your Podcasts: More traffic means more subscription or ad revenue. Many podcasters are using transcription to boost their income, and spend more time creating podcasts.

Broaden Your Audience: Transcribing your podcast, will broaden your audience and reach people who might be hearing impaired or even people who might not understand your language or accent.

Podcast Transcription Services:

  • Webcasts of Interviews
  • Webcasts of Legal Proceedings
  • Multi-Participant Broadcasts Webcast
  • Webcasts of Sports Events
  • Time-Stamped Audio Transcriptions Webcast
  • Video/Audio Library Hosting Webcasts
  • Turnkey TV Studio Conferences Webcast

Why Outsource to us?

  • Our podcast transcription outsourcing services are very popular due to our team, which is capable of transcribing the file in any format (for example dss, wav, mov, mp4 etc).
  • Outsource podcast transcription services of ours do have a team of podcast transcriptionists who are capable enough to deliver quality transcribed files within the parameters of time.
  • The team of Transcription Services India will understand your requirements and will provide the effective podcast transcription services solution to meet the need of yours.
  • We can also set captioning, subtitling, and time stamping, time coding option in your transcribed files

The main advantage of our outsource podcast transcription services are that they are very effective; and that we simultaneously stick to the work ethics so that you have the full assurance of the privacy of your files.