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Legal Transcription Services

Outsource to transcribe legal recordings

Legal transcription services are the services Transcription Services offers to serve its customers by transcribing accurate legal reports within the limited time they have. Our highly dedicated legal transcriptionists clearly understand your business needs and the work corresponding to legal activities.

Transcription Services has continuously invested to improve its legal transcription services methods; and today, with our great expertise, advanced technology, reference material and the intellectual assets, we have become the leading legal transcription services provider in the industry.

Our Legal Transcription Services include The Following:

  • Briefs
  • Letters
  • Depositions
  • Administrative hearings
  • Legal examinations
  • Summons
  • Court tapes
  • MOM
  • Proceedings at meetings/conferences
  • Telephone conversations
  • General correspondence
  • Jury instruction

Our legal transcriptionists are liable to meet the required solutions of your legal transcription services requirements. The professionals are well trained and made accustomed to legal typing services for law agencies, law firms, legal attorneys, legal prosecutors and legal court reports to get an idea related their work.

Be it legal briefs, public hearings, reports, deposition statements, court proceedings, referrals or memorandums; our legal transcriptionists will deliver precise legal documents that can be easily saved for any further reference. The need for impeccable transcription services related to legal are highly sought after, and we have been the best pick for almost all of the clients. The voice recordings could be linked to deposition hearings or any matter that is related to law. The efficiency of our legal transcription services are very high, because we transcribe each and every phrase or word that is muttered in the court.

The significance of Transcription Services legal transcription services:

Our legal transcription services has grown to full extent. The booming of the legal transcription is witnessed not just in the US or UK, but in fact it has grown globally. The main aspects of our outsource legal transcription services is mainly in aiding the law firms, legal agencies, court reporters, prosecutors, and attorneys in transcribing testimony, pleadings, interrogatories, legal examinations, arbitrations, and feedbacks related to the hearings which are recorded on any voice systems. Our outsource legal transcription services are unique, which is cost effective, as well as aid you to save your valuable time and money. The legal voice records could be transcribed in any legal format as per your requirement.