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Lecture Transcription Services

Lecture Transcription Services

If you are a student and looking for reliable lecture transcription services, then we believe that your search ends with us at Transcription Services India. We are a professional lecture transcription services company, and provide a wide range of transcription services for students and educational institutions alike.

Few Lecture Transcription Services that We Provide:

  • Classroom Lecture Transcription
  • Web media Lecture Transcription
  • Lecture Notes Transcription
  • University Lecture Transcription
  • Audio Lecture Transcription
  • Video Lecture Transcription
  • Memorial Lecture Transcription
  • E-Lectures Transcription
  • Online Lecture Transcription
  • YouTube Video Lecture Transcription

Over the years Transcription Services India is a preferred destination for lecture transcription services; the reason being excellent quality of transcription services at economical cost.

Outsource lecture transcription services to us, as it enables students with shoe string budget to get their lectures transcribed in a methodical manner. This enables students to avail of ready to use reference materials which are converted into texts by our able staff while they concentrate on their academics.

Outsource lecture transcription services makes learning a little more easier, especially for students with hearing and learning disabilities. It is also a boon for students studying abroad to overcome accent variations. Neatly transcribed text of the lectures delivered in classrooms will make students life a lot easier.

Professors too can avail of this lecture transcription service to compile their lectures for future references or for publishing purposes. For those who are committed to the profession of teaching, transcript of text provides them with an opportunity to review their work. Lecture transcription India unit has excellent infrastructure facilities to undertake all kinds of lecture transcription work. We also employ advance listening and capturing tools such as foot pedals, high quality head phones, updated versions of word processors etc. to bring greater accuracy and consistency in our works.

Our staffs at lecture transcription India are highly skilled and trained in accurately converting audio, video tapes, notes to transcripts. They are specially trained to improve their listening skills and grasping skills to understand various accents.

The Special Features Of Our Lecture Transcription Services Include:

  • Specially trained staff
  • Excellent infrastructure
  • Modern tools used to capture audio details
  • Accurate and excellent quality of transcripts guaranteed
  • Very economical pricing packages
  • Prompt and timely delivery