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Investigative Transcription Services

Investigative Transcription Services

Transcription Services investigative transcription services include the transcription of the following categories, to name a few:

  • Investigations recordings
  • Investigation interviews recordings
  • Witness interview recordings
  • Suspect interview recordings
  • Victim interview recordings

The accurate transcripts, from Transcription Services , of all your investigation recordings will help you to easily compile, scrutinize and probably conclude with your investigations. Hence, outsource investigative transcription services requirements to us.

Feature packed investigative transcription services from Transcription Services

Transcription Services has been renowned for offering various features along with its highly economical and outstanding investigative transcription services.

Few of the features of our investigative transcription services are as follows:

  • Extremely experienced and competently qualified team to understand your specific outsource investigative transcription requirements and accordingly provide feasible solutions
  • State of the art infrastructure and latest technologies to enable us to deliver the most economical and quality packed investigative transcription services
  • Turnaround time as required. This enables the clients to, according to their urgency, fix the deadline for their project to be completed by
  • We have maintained round the clock customer service to cater to the worldwide concerns
  • Dedicated investigative transcription team to attend to your requirements

What type of media formats does Transcription Services 's investigative transcription unit accept?

Transcription Services continually invests in upgrading its technology and infrastructure to the latest and most advanced. However, it retains a little bit of old technology as well to cater to any specific investigative transcription services requirements.

This enable us to accept all media formats, whether analog or digital, and whether audio or video. If you have digital format, then you can send it to us using email or FTP transfer. If you have analog recording mediums, then you can courier it to us, and we will accordingly provide accurate transcripts for it.