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Interview Transcription Services

Interview Transcription Services

Do you need to transcribe audio / video files of interview into text?

Transcription Services India provides well-formatted accurate interview transcriptions with quick turnaround-time & very competitive rates that will save your productive time & money as well. We have expertise in transcribing both verbatim and non-verbatim interviews. We always maintain quality and transcribe according to the clients requirements.

We Provide A Clean Transcript For Immediate Use In Your Business/Organization, Be It:

  • One-on-one Interview Transcription
  • Multiple Participant
  • Focus Group Interview
  • Research Interview
  • Documentary Interview
  • Group Discussion
  • Academic Interview
  • Job Interviews
  • Journalist Interview
  • Telephone / Skype Interview
  • TV / Radio Interview
  • Police Interview

We have a specialized team of transcriptionists, who have experience in a wide variety of disciplines e.g. legal, medical, academic, media etc. We pay attention to every little detail and provide you with top-quality interview transcripts quickly.

We Guarantee High-Quality Through:

The Three-Tier Quality Check:

In a 3-tiered quality check model, the possibilities of mistakes are almost zero or nil. With this model, we assure you the highest level of accuracy. In 3-tier quality check process, a transcriptionist checks the document twice and a quality analyst ensures the accuracy.

Client Redressal:

An important procedure where the client is empowered, to voice issues over any aspect of the service received. These issues will be resolved by our Quality Analysts.

Quality Analysts::

Quality Analysts play an important role as they ensure an error-free transcript that our Transcriptionists prepare. Our quality analysts are:

Client-Focused Service:

Our team of experts ensures that you get highest possible attention and timely responses since they have significant experience in the service industry and are trained on the technicalities of transcription service. Our client base includes different professionals, such as researchers, authors, police dept., media professionals, lawyers, recruiters, journalists, students etc.

What Makes Us Your Trusted Choice?

  1. : We are focused on delivering excellence, and always look at a project as the first step to a long lasting business relation. This attitude is reflected in our outputs.
  2. : We develop perfectly formatted and ready to use transcripts.
  3. : We can surpass your objectives and make you smile :)
  4. : We are motivated by work deadlines, we work not to meet them but to beat them.

Supported Audio and Video File Formats:

We can transcribe MP3, MP4, dds, flv, m4a, msv, AIFF/AIF, mov, mp2, dvd, cd, caf, dvf, wmv, AVI, wma, amr, wav, swf, asf, and more...