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Financial Transcription Services

Financial transcription services are in great demand as the consequence of the vibrant and the dynamic growing financial industry. Transcription Services India's financial transcription services will include services such as financial reports, summary report and financial analysis report. The corporate corresponding to our financial transcription services may range from small to big organizations.

The more accurate and topnotch quality of the financial transcriptions at the lowest possible rates are available or being delivered by the Transcription Services India. The financial transcriptionists are well trained and made comfortable with a variety of English non-native accents and also are made well familiar with the financial and the business terminologies.

Our financial transcription services have been used by the following:

  • Financial advisors
  • Financial corporate
  • Banks
  • Web cast providers
  • Corporate companies
  • Accountants
  • Business schools
  • Educational and other consultancy and many more

Financial transcription services can be availed for necessities such as business meetings, audits, training sessions, interviews, press conference, business surveys, financial reports, company reports and so on. The needs or the requirements related to the transcription are achieved with the advancement of the technology, enough number of the work stations and the expert financial transcriptionists included in our financial transcription services team.

The flow of the financial transcription services are indulged in the transfer of the speech recording or voice file transfer in to text documents, then proof read and then delivered to the client free of errors. The document distributions are done with the limited time, which helps save significant amount of your money. The other main aspect of the financial transcription services are that the transcriptions are provided in MS Word, RTF, Text, HL-7, HTML, XML, etc. and also offered by onsite phone in dictation and barcode reader options. Our team of financial transcription services is well-versed in financial terminologies like Sarbanes- Oxley, Gramm-Bleach-Bliley Act etc.

The need to outsource financial transcription services requirements is mainly because of the need of the financial company to transcribe their documents by utilizing the services of our expert financial transcriptionists. The main idea behind outsourcing financial transcription is due to the quick deliverance of high quality and accurate financial transcription services and that too at very low cost.