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Documentary Transcription Services

Documentary Transcription Services

Specialize transcription services for documentary films, short films, documentary interviews, video footages, etc.

Transcription Services India offers documentary film transcription services for any types of video or films you might have.

We assist you in the pre and post product of your documentary. We'll provide the transcripts that match your needs. Whether you need to quickly edit your documentary or to caption it, we'll provide you with a precise result in a quick time.

Our goal is to always provide highly accurate transcripts to every client we serve. Our transcription services are completely personalized and scalable to match your specific needs.

Our Expertise in Documentary Transcription include Following:

  • Short Films
  • Documentary Interviews
  • Social Documentaries
  • Educational Documentaries
  • Research Documentaries
  • Medical Documentaries
  • Historical Documentaries
  • Sports Documentaries
  • Religious Documentaries
  • Political Documentaries
  • Art Documentaries
  • Science and Engineering Documentaries
  • Product Documentation and Demo
  • Travel Videos

We understand that your requirement is unique. We customize our transcripts to make sure that they fulfill your individual needs at no additional cost. Our team of skilled & qualified transcriptionists provide you with a transcript that truly captures the subject matter of your documentary.

Our Clients Include:

Production houses, media agencies, educational institutions, research companies, post production studios, and individuals including researchers and more...

Why choose us for Transcribing Documentaries?

  • 98.99% Accurate Transcripts. 3-Level Quality Check Process
  • Experienced team to transcribe any complex recordings
  • Quick. Secure & Confidential
  • Avail Value-Added Options: Time coded, Verbatim

We accept all standard media formats like VHS, DVD, CD, YouTube Videos, Mobile Recordings and most digital formats like MP4, FLV, MP3, AVI, WMV etc.