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Conference Transcription Services

Conference Transcription Services

Conference transcription services are diverse in nature and our team is expert in handling all these domains such as conferences that are based on business, focus groups, corporate meetings, etc. Only thing you are required to do is send the recordings of conferences (telephonic or online) to Transcription Services India and we assure you a topnotch quality transcripts of your files. Our team is very skilled and trained in conference transcription so they are very much aware to include minute to minute details of the conference.

The specialty of our conference transcription services:

  • We maintain the confidentiality of your file, since it is a vital issue when it comes to conferences.
  • Our brilliant workforce excels at transcribing presentations that may contain the company's specific or highly technical terms.
  • The price of our conference transcription services is very affordable and we keep a standard turnaround time.
  • Our 24 hour customer support is there for your help, so that you can avail updating of the status of your files at any time.

You can send us the recordings of conferences to us in any format like CDs, DVDs, cassette tapes etc.

What are the benefits of our outsource conference transcription?

Our outsource conference transcription is popular, since we can help all our clients significantly on virtues such as cost, time and effort, and provide them with high quality transcripts and enhanced productivity. Transcription Services India is the best choice for conference transcription services.

A conference can be defined as a discussion between the members of an organization; it could even be between countries where exchange of views, information, and knowledge are communicated between the members. Normally, one among the member would be responsible for keeping the manual transcript of the conference. However, in this modernized world, much more professional nature of conference recordings makes an indispensable part to maintain an accurate summary of conference, so that errors can be completely eliminated unlike in the manual transcripts. Transcription Services India provides excellent conference transcription services and has succeeded in producing high quality transcripts of conferences to customers worldwide.