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Commentary Transcription Services

Commentary Transcription Services

Commentaries are generally broadcasted through radio or television, and in this cyber age commentary transcription is in great demand. Transcription Services India, a leader in transcription industry has realized the potential of commentary transcription services.

We have special team for commentary transcription, well equipped with world class infrastructure to meet the challenging task of commentary transcription services with great standard of accuracy. We have the capability to provide you real time commentary transcription services for live commentary as well as post- recorded commentary.

Our highly efficient and experienced transcribers is fully capable of providing accurate commentary transcription services, we give periodic intensive training to our staff to update them with the latest technological and other developments in the commentary transcription industry. Our transcribers are well trained to grasp different accents of different speakers and this has contributed a lot in achieving our objective of 99.9% accuracy.

To check and prevent any error from creeping into our commentary transcription services, we have employed specialized editorial staff and they are entrusted with the work of cross-checking and random verification. This quality control measure also has helped us in delivering accurate output. When you outsource your commentary transcription project to Transcription Services India you are guaranteed of almost 40% reduction in transcription charges and we achieve this cost reduction without compromising the quality of our output.

Our commentary transcription services are available for specific scenes or for full length of the show; we have the capability to handle commentary transcription services for entertainment DVD, educational CD/videos or for any live television or radio commentary. Our commentary transcription is generally used by television broadcasters, radio broadcasters, pod casts or web casts.

Advantages of Outsourced Commentary Transcription Services Are:

  • Well qualified and experienced staff
  • Low cost of services and assured reduction in service charges
  • Timely completion of job
  • High rate of accuracy
  • Latest technology used
  • Capability to handle all type of commentary transcription
  • Capability to handle large volume

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