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Business transcription services are the transcription services that are associated with any business purposes. There are various activities that any business house might want to transcribe and keep a record of all those. All the conversations whether it's in meetings, presentations, or any other activity, it is a good habit to record all those conversations. These recordings had to be transcribed for records, thus motivated the predominance of the business transcription. All the conversations or conferences that are linked to any business activity are being transcribed.

Transcription Services India is a premier provider of business transcription services transcribing recordings of business meetings, presentations and conferences. We offer business transcription services with high accuracy and good speed.

The significance of outsource business transcription are:

  • The qualities that the business transcriptionist possesses will offer a boost in the outsource business transcription services and there are many the factors behind it.
  • Business transcriptionists are well experienced and have proficiencies in every aspects of business communications.
  • Highly valued quality assurance for business transcription
  • Less time consumption
  • Professionals are capable to work at desired shifts (24/7x365 workdays)
  • Potential to deliver the desired broad range of file formats
  • The transcriptions are done more quickly, accurately and economically

Our business transcriptionists, with their flexible turn-around-time will assist the virtual business for medium to large businesses including the corporate houses. The attributes that are involved in the business transcription services are telephone conversations, teleconferencing, telemarketing, one to one interview, and multiple speaker conversation, earning calls, seminars and speeches, transcription of mobile recordings, report preparation, market research survey, annual meetings, audit, group discussion, training session and board room discussion.

The global clients are in great demand of getting their business dealings transcribed. The process includes sending the digital audio outputs (included the audio of meetings, press releases, training sessions, forecast meetings, and so on). The audio mediums are mainly digital, such as MP3, MP4, etc and it can even be non digital (in the form of cassettes). These are then converted in to complete text format, which can be readily published. The final output of the transcribed version is formatted as per your specifications. The delivery mode of the completed transcripts mainly sent by email attachments, or over FTP depends completely on your choice.

As the consequence of the expert business transcriptionists, who act as the virtual assistant has led outsource business transcription to hit the business industry and has made Transcriptions Services India, one of the reliable outsource BPO organization globally.

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