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Broadcast Transcription Services

Broadcast Transcription Services

These days broadcast transcription services are in great demand and Transcription Services India has realized the potential of this sector at a very early stage. Transcription Services India offers quality broadcast transcription services to all of its clients. Our broadcast transcription services are fully capable of handling broadcast transcription services of documentaries, sermons, news, interviews, time coding etc. We have in our payroll well qualified and able staff capable of providing accurate broadcast transcription services to you.

Our staffs are well trained to grasp different accents and other minute details of the speakers, and this has helped us immensely in achieving very high levels of accuracy. We have regular training sessions to ensure consistent performance. When you outsource broadcast transcription services to our broadcast transcription India unit, you are assured of completion of the job well within the agreed time span. Our systematic planning and execution of well laid out plans help us in timely completion of your job.

You can send audio/video inputs through the inbuilt FTP system in our website when you outsource broadcast transcription services to our broadcast transcription India unit. We have a well laid out and foolproof quality checking system, and we have specialized staff to conduct crosschecks. After crosschecking there is random audit to see to it that the output is error free. These well organized quality control measures have contributed a lot in enhancing our market presence.

Once you hire us for broadcast transcription services you will be updated regularly on progress of your job by our customer support staff, apart from this they are fully capable of answering any of your queries and their services are available round the clock.

Benefits of Outsourcing to Us:

  • Foolproof quality control
  • Capability to understand different accents of speakers
  • Timely completion of job
  • Highly economical rates
  • Latest technological aids
  • Round the clock customer assistance available