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Analog Transcription Services

Analog Transcription Services

Transcription Services has been providing analog transcription services well before the dominance of the digital media formats captured the transcription industry.

As we started our transcription services journey by providing transcription of analog media, we have maintained this service criterion, for those who still prefer analog media or for those who want to convert their analog media matter into textual format.

The analog transcription unit of Transcription Services has maintained all the analog media equipments for us to be able to cater to your outsource analog transcription services requirements.
Over the years, we have provided analog transcription services for the below mentioned analog media formats:

  • Audio cassettes
  • Mini DV
  • HDV
  • Hi-8
  • VHS
  • Betacam

Below mentioned are some of the features of the analog transcription services of Transcription Services

  • Very comprehensive analog transcription services to accommodate your entire outsource analog transcription services requirements
  • Transcription Services provides rigorous training to keep its analog transcription services team updated about all facets of analog transcription services as well as various foreign accents
  • Dedicated analog transcription team to focus only on catering to outsource analog transcription services requirements
  • Latest transcription tools that assists us in delivering superior and feasible analog transcription services
  • Quick and timely completion of all your analog transcription services projects guaranteed by Transcription Services

Quality and confidentiality assured analog transcription services

By implementing strict quality control measures, the analog transcription unit of Transcription Services sees to it that no error goes undetected. This ensures superior quality of analog transcription services.

Complete confidentiality for all your details and data are maintained by adopting stringent confidentiality policies and guidelines, which is mandatory for all members of our analog transcription unit.

To outsource analog transcription services to us, or to utilize our analog transcription services, all you have to do is courier us your analog media, and we will transcribe the entire content with exact verbatim, if required.

Contact us to find more about our analog transcription services.